For Car Collectors


FAQ for Buyers

How do I bid?

To bid you must register on the website. Then simply log in and enter your bid on the vehicle that you are interested in purchasing.

How does bidding work?

You can enter a bid just above the current highest bid, or, you can enter a figure that would be the highest bid you’d like to go to. In that case the system will automatically submit a slightly higher bid if someone outbids your current offer, up to your limit.

How much does it cost?

The winning bidder will pay a total of 5% on top of the winning bid value, or a minimum of £500, up to a maximum of £5000.

How do I ask questions about a car for auction?

You can submit questions about the car to the owner on the car’s listing page.

Can I see a car during an auction?

Yes, this can be arranged with the seller. If you do meet or communicate with the seller, you must not engage in any activity to facilitate, aim or complete a transaction to purchase the vehicle outside of the nought-sixty auction site.

Has 0-60 inspected the vehicles?

No. We do not inspect the cars we auction. Nought-Sixty only runs the auction, and we are not the owner of the car. It is entirely your responsibility to ascertain the details and condition of the vehicle being auctioned.

Do cars for auction have a reserve?

Most cars will have a reserve price set. Cars that don’t have a reserve will be displayed as such.

Can I withdraw a bid?

Once you have made a bid you are obliged to honour it. It may not be withdrawn. If you are the winning bidder you must complete the purchase and are obliged to pay the 5% premium, with a minimum of £500, and a maximum of £5000, on your winning bid.

Should I bid at the last minute?

There is no benefit to this as our auction system will automatically extend the length of the auction at the end by 2 minutes for any bids made in the last 2 minutes of the auction time. The auction will end when there are no more bids in the last two minutes, however many times extended.

What happens if I win an auction?

When a car is sold at the end of an auction, the 5% premium (£500 minimum, £5000 maximum) payable to Nought-Sixty is automatically deducted from the winning bidder’s credit card. You will then be introduced to the seller and complete the transaction. The amount payable to the seller will be the amount of the winning bid.

Can you help me with transportation and/or storage?

Yes, we have partners we can introduce to you to make arrangements, but Nought-Sixty are not responsible for storage or transportation of the vehicle.

What happens if the car has defects that weren't disclosed?

The seller is responsible for the accuracy of the listing, but as the buyer, it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself as to the condition and details of the vehicle before making a bid.

There are some protections under law for buyers making a purchase from traders, so we suggest you understand your consumer rights.

What happens if a car doesn't reach its reserve?

If a vehicle doesn’t meet its reserve price, we will give sellers the option of listing their car in our Buy it Now section.

FAQ for Sellers

How much does it cost to SELL my car with 0-60?

We do not charge any commission to sellers.

Will you sell my car?

We will discuss your car’s suitability for auction with you. Not all vehicles are best served by an auction sale, and we reserve the right to select cars we deem suitable.

What is the process?

You register, you send us your car details and photographs, we create the listing, we promote your car, and then the auction goes live. See here for more details.

How long does it take to set up an auction?

From when you contact us we expect to have your car listed on the website within a week. This is to some extent dependent upon photography and you providing us with all of the required documentation.

What do you need from me?

We require full details of your car's specification, it’s service history and lots of photographs. It is very important that you are honest about the car’s condition including any imperfections.

Is there an issue with photo formats on Apple phones and iPads?

Most Apple devices now store photgraphs automatically as high efficiency files (HEIC or HEIF files). These are generally incompatible with uploading to many websites. There is an easy fix though. Just go to Settings > Camera > Formats and select Most Compatible. This will ensure your photo files are JPEGs and easily uploadable.

Can I approve the listing before it goes live?

Yes, we will write the listing for you, and you approve it before it goes live.

Can I set a reserve price for my car?

Yes, we will assist you in setting an appropriate reserve for your car.

Do you need to see my car?

No, your car stays with you.

Can buyers ask questions?

Yes, registered bidders can ask questions via the auction listing.

How do buyers see my car?

Our comprehensive listing should provide all the details a buyer needs to confidently bid on your car. If a bidder would like a viewing we will provide their details to allow you to organise it with them at a convenient time. If you do meet or communicate with the buyer, you must not engage in any activity to facilitate, aim or complete a transaction to purchase the vehicle outside of the nought-sixty auction site.

How do I avoid timewasters?

All bidders are registered on our website, and they have to undergo a credit card verification check to qualify to bid. The auction winner will automatically pay the auction premium at the close of the auction, and is legally obliged to complete the purchase with you.

Can I withdraw my car from auction after it’s been listed?

Once your car is listed on our website it is expected that the auction will run to completion. If you do wish to withdraw your auction lot you will be liable to pay our full fees based on the assumption of the car selling for its agreed reserve price.

How does an auction end?

Each auction has a countdown timer. When it reaches zero the auction finishes. If a bid is made in the last 2 minutes a further 2 minutes is added to the timer to allow all interested parties to make further bids. 

What if the bidding doesn’t reach the reserve?

We can liaise with the highest bidders to see if we can complete a deal with you. You also have the option of listing the car for sale after the auction with a “buy it now” price.

What happens when the auction finishes with a winning bid?

We will notify you and exchange your details with the winning bidder to allow arrangements to be made for the payment and collection of your auction lot.

How do I get paid?

Payment is arranged by a suitable method between you and the buyer.

What if my car doesn’t sell?

You have the option of listing your car for sale in the “Buy it now” section of our website.

Can I talk to you about my car before registering?

We are here to help. Call or email us using the contact button on our website.

Where are your Terms and Conditions?

Our Terms and Conditions are on our website,